Specsavers Eye Checks for Children

25 Sep 2018

Being able to see clearly is incredibly important in your child’s overall development, which is why we take your child’s eyesight so seriously.

Most young children have their eyesight assessed as part of their routine developmental checks. While these are very important, they aren’t as thorough as a complete eye test by an optometrist. An optometrist check is beneficial by the age of 3, followed by an optometry assessment around the age of 5, so that we can identify conditions like squint (turned eye) and amblyopia (lazy eye) sooner, and treat them more effectively.

At Specsavers, everyone can get two pairs of glasses for one low price, even kids. Children love having a big range of cool brands to choose from. You’ll be happy knowing that Specsavers’ range of kid’s glasses are specifically designed for small faces and come complete with standard single vision lenses.