Lightweight Plastic Bags Now Banned

01 Jul 2018

The Western Australian bag ban is here! 

The WA government have enforced a state-wide ban on lightweight plastic bags as of July 2018.

Did you know more than 670 million lightweight plastic bags were used in Western Australia in 2017 and of these approximately seven million were littered?

Lightweight plastic bags are easily blown by the wind, littering streets, parks and waterways. When they enter the ocean they endanger wildlife. Plastic bags also break up into small fragments (microplastics) and can be ingested by marine and land animals, entering the human food chain. 

The plastic bag ban includes all lightweight plastic bags with handles, 35 microns thick, or less (including degradable, biodegradable and compostable plastic bags). Plastic bags without handles typically used as fruit and vegetable bags or barrier bags are not affected by the ban.

So now's the time to take reusable bags to the shops—for example hessian bags, green (non-woven polypropylene) bags, insulated cooler bags. Use a cardboard box, a paper bag, load up your pram or bike basket or put the contents of your shopping trolley straight into the car. has a list of FAQ'S and suggestions on how to change your plastic bag usage.