Centre Refurbishment Details

16 Feb 2018

We’re currently undergoing an asset refurbishment. It’s like a development, but on a smaller scale.

Our aim is to improve the ambience of the Centre for customers, through painting works and lightuing upgrades, and upgrading the Centre amenities.

We recently completed the external works, outlined below, and we now moved inside the centre to being the internal works.

This means there will be some areas blocked off, such as the toilets between BWS and Ciao Bella. There will be about 10 weeks down time while we reconfigure the toilets and put in the new parents room.

In the meantime, the toilets next to Big W are still operational and the current parents room will remain open until the new room is complete.

We apologise for any inconvenience while we make these changes and endeavour to improve the shopping experience for customers in the long run.

Completed Works

Façade, Entry Statement and Internal Roof Feature Modernisation

We have now completed the Centre façade (including entry statements) modernisation. This work has transformed the look and feel of the centre. You will notice we have painted:

  • All external walls including the entry statements,
  • All external shop fronts window frames,
  • All external awning roofing,
  • Refurbished the existing automatic entry doors,
  • The internal steel decorative features,
  • The large road way pylon on the corner of Canning Hwy and Ranford Road, and
  • Painted all internals of the three entry void.


We’ve upgraded the parking at Livingston in the main car park between the Big W and Woolworths entrances.

We’ve added 2 two large motorcycle bays outside ANZ.

There are now 10 seniors’ only parking bays at the undercover area near Centre Management, close to a crosswalk for your safety. There are also an additional 6 bays opposite the chemist.

An ACROD permit isn’t needed to park in this area, but it is needed to park in the blue disabled bays.

There are also 10 parents with prams in the next parking row, also close to the crosswalk.

The bays are marked brightly so you can identify where you are to park easily.

LED Lighting

We have also upgraded the existing internal and car park lighting with new LED fittings that are environmentally friendly and provide energy savings,

Coming Soon

Amenities Refurbishment

We are currently constructing a new parents room in the amenities area near BWS and Ciao Bella. The corridor has been blocked off for approximately 10 weeks while the new amenities are built.

We will be creating a new parents room with two feeding cubicles and digital entertainment screens. The remaining amenities will remain as they are.

Additional Retailers

 Stay tuned for new retailer announcements! We will have some news shortly.

New retail space will be built in the existing parents room site.

All information is correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change.