Mad Hatters Tea Party

Join us for an interactive tea party with the Mad Hatter to celebrate his Un-birthday!

This immersive, interactive theatre experience is aimed at younger children (10 and under) and is adapted from the Story by CS Lewis: Alice in Wonderland.

Children will be invited to take part in a celebratory tea party and interact directly with the actor while they:

  • Pour Mad Hatter tea into tea cups,
  • Help the Mad Hatter to set the table with a very peculiar birthday feast,
  • Make 'Nonsense Sandwiches',
  • Catch fresh air Shnozzleberries for the tea using butterfly nets and other nonsense ingredients
  • Play with jelly squelch (Bcause your mother said don’t play with your food) and
  • Sing Happy Un-birthday to the Mad Hatter!

Each session is 15 minutes long, so make sure you're there on time and waiting to take part! The Tea Party will be located outside Wipeout Surf.More