Flamingo Fun Kids Craft

20 Jul 2018

Flamingos remind me of summer and with all this rain, we all want a little bit of summer fun, so this month’s craft activity is all about our pink friends. There is no other creature who so visibly reminds us that we are what we eat than the flamingo.


  • Water-based Paint in Pink, White and Black
  • Paper Plates
  • Orange Paper/Tissue Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Sponge (cut into four)
  • Scissors
  • Glue and Stapler


The first step is to cut your paper plate into a flamingo. We have included an image for your template here, if you need help. 

Next, it's time to go pink. Take your water based paint and create a few different shades of pink by mixing your white and pink paints. Using your cut up sponge, use different shades of pink to cover your body and neck. Set them aside to dry.

Take the flamingo’s head and sponge the pointiest end black, this forms the beak. Then sponge the other end pink. Leave a little gap of white in-between the beak and the head. Set aside to dry.

After adding a little black beak we moved on to creating the flamingo's long legs using tissue paper. Simply accordion fold it and then cut it into three centimetre sections.

Finally, use whatever glue (or stapler if you prefer) to put your flamingo together! Start off by attaching the neck. Then glue on the head, googly eyes, and finally your legs. Make sure you make a friend and name them in funny flamingo names!

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